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770,000 IT jobs lost in Europe in 15 years

September 30th, 2013

Offshoring, technology advancements and low growth have contributed to a massive reduction in IT jobs in Europe, with almost half the number of IT roles in the largest companies expected to exist in 2017 compared to 2002. According to research from The Hackett Group, in 2002 there were 1.6 million corporate IT jobs in the 3,000 listed European companies with over $1bn revenue, but this is expected to fall by 770,000 in the 15-year period.

The rate of decline could actually be a modest estimate as further economic stagnation will make the figure higher, according to the Hackett report.

This year alone Hackett predicts 83,000 IT jobs to go in the largest corporates.

Amazon data centre glitch hits top web services

September 21st, 2013

A hardware failure at an Amazon data centre has downed several top web services, raising renewed concerns about the reliability of cloud-based infrastructure. Instagram, Netflix, Twitter’s Vine video-sharing application and holiday site Airbnb were among the services that were slow or inaccessible at the weekend because they all rely on Amazon Web Services.

The fault was traced to a datacentre in northern Virginia that was struggling to keep up with demand, according to the BBC. After the problems were resolved, Amazon said the interruptions to service was caused by the “partial failure of a networking device” but gave no further details.

The weekend interruptions came less than a week after Amazon’s North American web stores went offline for about 30 minutes, also due to problems in the company’s northern Virginia data centre.

It followed a similar disruption on Google that lasted four minutes and reportedly caused a 40% drop in global internet traffic.

The service interruptions have highlighted the vulnerability of cloud-based services, showing that glitches at a single data centre can cause widespread disruptions.



Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to retire

September 8th, 2013

Microsoft has announced that CEO Steve Ballmer is to retire within 12 months and its board has begun looking for a successor. The board’s director John Thompson is to lead a committee to find a new CEO. The committee includes founder and board chairman Bill Gates and will consider internal and external candidates.

The news comes six weeks after Microsoft announced a major executive re-organisation as part of plans to re-invent Microsoft with a big push to develop hardware from phones to set-top boxes, as it attempts to remain relevant in the era of IT consumerisation.

Ballmer said that, with the company’s transformation to a devices and services company, it needs a CEO who will be around in the longer term for this new direction.