VMware takes first step in the public cloud space

VMware chief executive Pat Gelsinger has told investors the company will launch a hybrid cloud service later this year to help its 480,000 customers “reap the benefits of the public cloud without changing their existing applications”. The hybrid service, based on VMware vCloud suite, is part of the company’s strategy to bolster its software-defined datacentre plans. But analysts think it is part of VMware’s move to capture the public cloud market and compete with public infrastructure as a service (IaaS) providers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Rackspace.

If we look at the announcement, VMware is trying to have greater control of the ‘choice’ its customers get. Choice will mean a VMware-hosted offering that, in theory, will make it easy for customers to move VMware-based workloads in and out of the pubic cloud.

One of the biggest problems of the public cloud today is the lack of interoperability between workloads and applications. This means users cannot move applications from a private cloud to a public cloud or vice versa when needed.

VMware is making the new vCloud Hybrid Service available through its existing channel network and will work with its partner ecosystem to accelerate customers’ journeys to the cloud.

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