Google’s role in the enterprise

Enterprise is one of the four pillars of Google’s business. It may have yet to be recognised for sizeable revenues, but Google expects to make a big enterprise push in 2013. The other three businesses are: Advertising, Chrome and Android. The enterprise business benefits from the other core businesses; for instance, in the next few years over 25% of devices in the enterprise will be Android–based, according to industry experts.

Google believes the main hurdles to wide-scale cloud adoption have been overcome. Google made progress in 2012 in data compliance in the cloud. In May 2012 it achieved ISO 27001, which should give business users greater comfort in Google’s ability to store customer data securely. A further breakthrough in June means Google now offers European Model Contract Clauses, which allows enterprise customers to store people’s personal data collected in Europe in the Google cloud in the US, in compliance with the Safe Harbour agreement.


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