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Google puts 5GB free Drive storage in the cloud

May 17th, 2012

Google ups the pressure on other cloud solution providers by providing 5GB of free storage with its Google Drive cloud storage product, which aims to provide a shared online workspace for collaboration. For small and medium sized businesses Google is now vying hard for your business with its combination of Google Apps and cloud storage.

  Additional 20GB per year Additional 100GB per year
Google Drive £2.48 £37.13
Microsoft SkyDrive £6.00 £32.00
Amazon S3 £18.60 £93
Apple iCloud £28 £140

Prices correct as at 20/4/12 

Google has provided many IT department -friendly features which makes it more compelling for business users to consider Google as an alternative to Microsoft.

Microsoft conflict forces Cabinet Office to extend open standards consultation

May 4th, 2012


The Cabinet Office has extended the public consultation over its open standards ICT strategy and scrapped some previous proceedings after learning its independent facilitator was being paid by Microsoft, which was lobbying against UK policy.

Microsoft had, during closed meetings last year, requested the Cabinet Office policy on open standards be revised to accommodate Microsoft’s definition of an open standard. The official UK definition of an open standard had been in place since January. Cabinet Office retracted the policy after Microsoft’s requests, and under lobbying pressure Microsoft placed through MPs. The subsequent public consultation put the question of the UK definition of open standards up for debate.

Who says money can’t buy you everything; it clearly can when lobbying!