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MoD signs £440m Capita outsourcing deal

March 28th, 2012

The UK’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) has signed a £440m deal with Capita to deliver its Recruiting Partnering Project (RPP). The contract, valued at around £44m a year for 10 years, is expected to save the armed forces more than £300m.

Let’s hope it does save £300m and instead of dumping the money into the coffers at Whithall to waste on more bankers bonuses, let’s hope they re-allocate the savings to pay our armed forces more and to ensure they and their families are looked after while on service and afterwards.

Charities like Help for Heroes are taking up the slack that the Government should be shouldering. So come on Capita, save some money and make sure those savings get into the right hands.

Microsoft cuts the price of Azure and Office 365

March 21st, 2012

Microsoft has cut the price of Windows Azure by 12%, and Office 365 by 20%, as competition in the cloud computing market increases.

Microsoft hopes the price cut will lure users away from rival cloud services such as Google.

Microsoft is also cutting the price of its Office 365 product. The company claims it is passing on savings due to an uptake in customers. By running its datacentres more efficiently, Microsoft says it is passing on a 20% saving to Office 365 customers. Hmmmm, I wonder whether that’s the case or whether they are losing business and have cut prices to try and save some competitive situations. You be the judge.