UK Government claims £450m in ICT savings

Francis Maude’s “no stone unturned” cost-cutting drive has led to £450m savings across government ICT in past ten months, the Cabinet Office claims.

It saved £300 million by “applying greater scrutiny to our ICT expenditure” , the department said in a statement, adding the government departments had stopped or reduced their spend on low value ICT projects. The other £150 million was stripped out of 2010/11 budgets for major government projects, either halting or pruning spending.

The £450 million total is part of an overall government saving of £3.75 billion since May 2010.

These are significant numbers, but are they real?

Silver Bullet Associates has been knocking on central governments door offering our services to save the tax payer money, but it seems they don’t like independent scrutiny of their ICT costs as our overtures to help have been ignored time and again.

So come on Mr Maude, let us “turn a few stones” for you and let’s see what we can find!

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