SAP reports record fourth quarter software revenues

SAP has reported record fourth-quarter results software revenue of €1.5bn (£1.27bn), up 34% compared with the same quarter in 2009. Software and software-related service revenue was up 27% on the previous year to €3.26bn and total revenue for the quarter was also up 27% to €4.04bn. According to SAP, this was the best software sales quarter in the history of SAP.

SAP’s strong results reflected a boost in the software market in the past year as companies in emerging markets, the US and parts of Europe made investment to support their economic recovery.

SAP reported software revenue for the full year of €3.26bn, up 25%, and software and software-related service revenue of €9.78bn, up 19%. Total revenue for 2010 was €12.45bn, an increase of around 17%.

That’ll help pay the $1.3bn damages that SAP has been ordered to pay to Oracle for the TomorrowNow case.

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