It’s not just about the money…

So now we’ve crept into 2011, what plans have you got to ‘do better deal’s this year? One thing I often get asked is what areas other than price should procurement be focussing on when negotiating with a software supplier. Well here are a few tips to get you focussed in 2011:

  • Define actual and potential license usage and select the usage terms that best suit your user profiles.
  • If looking to rollout an implementation, set a payent profile that ramps up as you rollout.
  • Include functional definitions of licensed software to avoid unwanted cost hikes later when the supplier re-names the software and tries to claim it is not a new release but a new product.
  • Focus on maintenance protections, particularly the ability to reduce, terminate or park maintenance in a downturn.
  • Software suppliers are doing more audits – ensure you have robust software asset management to avoid exposure.
  • Check invoices and make sure they match your contractual expectations.
  • Some suppliers (such as Oracle) rarely change contract terms and conditions during a negotiation. But they are very flexible on price and discounts; so focus your negotiating time where it will bear most fruit.

So there you go; welcome to 2011. And I make no apologies about the last bullet point above; sometimes it is all about the money, so go for it!

And if you think we can help you in 2011, call or email us.

Happy New Year.

Mark Bartrick

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