SAP still faces price and licensing issues

The anger that exploded among users when SAP announced plans to impose a single, more expensive maintenance plan for all customers seems to have subsided a little in the light of a more conciliatory approach. Apparently, SAP has a new found willingness to listen, share and work more collaboratively with customers, particularly with regard to product roadmaps and establishing a two-way conversation with end-users.

Despite this progress, however, pricing and licensing remains a source of dissatisfaction for many of SAP’s customers. Without greater clarity and transparency around pricing, SAP could also run into problems with adoption of their new off-premise on-demand hybrid solution. Many suppliers have used complex pricing mechanisms to muddy their pricing models in order to confuse users and to enable higher costs to be charged. Let’s hope SAP really is listening this time as their current and historic pricing models have been unusually convoluted.

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