BMC software profits on the rise

Cloud interest sends BMC profits up 40%. Business software firm BMC beat Wall Street expectations during its second quarter, recording a 9% rise in revenue and a 40% jump in profits. It’s another sign that the IT market is growing again and spending is on the up.

The firm said that demand for cloud computing and hybrid data centres pushed BMC to its impressive figures. Revenue came in at $502.3m, up 8.8% from $461.8m a year ago. Revenue was boosted by a 37% increase in professional services and a near-20% rise is revenue from licences.

“Cloud computing is fundamentally changing the way customers are thinking about IT. BMC’s strong performance shows that we understand how to make cloud computing a reality today,” said BMC CEO Bob Beauchamp.

Bob; you are right. It’s only taken you how many years to catch on with the industry trend?

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