Some more negotiation top tips

It’s been a while since my last batch of top tips for negotiating better software deals. So here are a few more:

1/ Take your time. Don’t be rushed into any decision. A few extra days now to make sure things are right can save you months of wrangling later when things go wrong.

2/ Concede only slowly and in small increments.

3/ Trade off stuff; if I give you X will you give me Y.

4/It’s not just about the price; look for other value that might be worth more.

5/ Listen more effectively. Listen for nuggets and nuances; they all count.

6/ Communicate clearly and confirm everything in writing.

7/ Set the Agenda for every supplier meeting

8/ Know when to stop negotiating

9/ Never negotiate when you’re tired

10/ Enjoy it. Negotiating is fun!

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