HSBC saves £1m by turning off computers at night

IT cost savings come in many forms and here’s one that caught my eye the other day.

HSBC has saved more than $1m in energy costs after rolling out technology that shuts down 300,000 PCs during evenings and weekends. The bank is implementing the shut-down system across its international network, eventually reaching all 8,000 offices in the 88 countries it operates in.

The technology, called NightWatchman from supplier 1E, saves data and closes applications before shutting down PCs. The bank is one of the biggest in the world and says it keeps costs down through “ruthless” standardisation of its IT across the company.

Matthew O’Neill, head of group communication systems and support, said, “A key part of our desktop strategy to minimise total cost of ownership is through ruthless standardisation of our environment. We deploy a single Windows image to all of our desktops worldwide and ensure that all additional solutions we provide are globally scalable. Within this environment, we are responsible for establishing all of the desktop settings, including our global shutdown policy, to ensure that this is adhered to across the organisation, maximising the energy savings.”


Well done to HSBC; saving the planet and the pennies at the same time!

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  1. HSBC saves £1m by turning off computers at night…

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