The cost of IT

The recession has forced many businesses and public sector organisations to put expenditure of all kinds under close scrutiny, and it was no surprise to see that ‘Reducing IT Costs’ was quickly elevated to the top of many IT department’s strategic priortities. But while IT assets are an easy target fo cost reduction exercises, it’s what those assets do for the business that can have a far greater value than their removal rewards. Information flow is the lifeblood of businesses and cutting back on IT assets can quickly strangle that flow. Keeping the assets requires money but that justification can  be made easier by demonstrating: 1/ the value of the assets, 2/that the assets are being acquired and maintained at rock bottom prices through good negotiation, and 3/ that the assets are being fully sweated prior to retirement or replacement. IT management is no longer simply about running a good IT department, it now includes keeping a canny eye on cost management, ROI and contract negotiation skills. Some of these skills you may already have in-house and the rest you can buy in from such cost management advisors like Silver Bullet Associates.  Instead of stripping assets you should first squeeze your IT suppliers.

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