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Oracle Sun deal stumbles in the EU

November 30th, 2009

Oracle’s $7.4bn bid for Sun has met a stumbling block in the EU, as European antitrust regulators raised concerns that database competition could be damaged, specifically that Sun’s MySQL competed directly with Oracle databases. However, the UK Oracle User Group (UKOUG) has backed the proposed Oracle takeover bid of Sun in a letter to the European Commissioner. UKOUG’s 1,500 members represent half of the UK and Ireland Oracle customer base. This merger is a huge deal for Oracle and will affect a lot of their strategic thinking and plans. So they are desperate to get approval from the EU. In the meantime, Silver Bullet Associates recommends that buyers should make hay from the uncertainty and negotiate hard with both Sun and Oracle.

More ways to become a great negotiator

November 23rd, 2009

Never Accept the First Offer. Be Persistent. Support Your Argument with Facts. Identify Throwaway’s. Set Ground Rules. Control the Environment. Know Your Opponent’s BATNA. Look at the Big Picture. Be Thick Skinned. Improve Your Problem Solving Skills. Be Open-Minded. Be Decisive.  Don’t Mistake Wants for Needs. Learn from Your Mistakes. Don’t Leave the Table on a Sour Note. Know when to Bluff. Document the Agreement. Get Help from an External Negotiation Advisor if you are Not Familiar with the Supplier.

How to become a great negotiator

November 16th, 2009

Just Ask for What You Want. Don’t be Afraid to Take Risks. Thoroughly Prepare. Leave Your Ego at the Door. Listen Intently. Be Prepared for Surprises. Leverage Your BATNA (Best Alternative to No Agreement). Avoid Argument. Don’t be afraid to Walk Away. Clarify Expectations. Separate People from the Issues. Discover Your Opponent’s Motivation. Never Make a Concession without a Trade-Off. Be Bold. Role Play Negotiation Situations with Colleagues. Aim High. Be Organized. Ask an Expert Negotiator to be Your Mentor.

Using emails, letters and faxes to Negotiate

November 9th, 2009

There are many times when it is better to negotiate using an email, fax or letter.  Lawyers do it all the time.  Put your initial offer on paper and don’t let them see the smirk on your face.  Negotiation letters, emails and faxes can have the advantage of being cold and emotionless and they can mask your real emotions to your benefit.  Depending on your situation a little personal separation from the conflict could help turn the tides. Using letters, faxes or emails, allows you to have more time crafting your message.  If you are a naturally amiable person, then face to face negotiations may not be your strong suit. While using letters, faxes and emails to negotiate can be the right tactic, don’t use a letter when face to face would be better.  Letters should be used when they are an advantage, not to avoid conflict.  If avoiding conflict is your goal, take a look at why you are afraid. 

Windows 7 users are having problems

November 2nd, 2009

Windows 7 owners are having problems installing their new operating system, especially over Vista, according to comments on Microsoft’s support site. Many find their installation goes into infinite reboot after 62% of the installation is complete. Switching off and rebooting doesn’t help either because the system no longer recognises the older operating system. Microsoft says the problem occurs because the Iphlpsvc service stops responding during the upgrade. But others may also be to blame. One user who followed Microsoft’s fix said it took 48 hours to get a working installation, with installation runs taking 10 hours a time. Even then he had to delete his wireless card and get the operating system to find it again. Sounds like something to be avoided until Microsoft get their bug fixes sorted.