Rentokil deploys Google apps

Rentokil Initial has become one of the largest users of Google Apps, rolling out the cloud-based office suite to 35,000 users globally. Rentokill plans to use Google to consolidate 40 email systems including open source products and Microsoft Exchange, into a single email system. Last year, Rentokil Initial deployed handheld computers. It installed a new network in the UK and is in the process of virtualising servers, rationalising data centres, standardising its PC infrastructure and moving to a single mobile telephony provider. The company aims to rollout Google Mail to 35,000 during 2010. Earlier this year, manufacturer Valeo became the first company to use Google Apps globally after it signed a deal to use the SaaS for three years.

While these two deals may only show as a miniscule dent in Microsoft’s vast sales revenues, it is the thin end of a growing wedge of businesses that are looking beyond Microsoft products for robust global apps and solutions. Alternative products ramp up competitive pricing pressures on Microsoft and give users a chance to demand better deals and better pricing. Silver Bullet Associates encourages everyone to watch this space; Rentokil and Valeo will not be the last to replace Microsoft products for alternative solutions.

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