Open source gains popularity with SME’s as IT budgets shrink

Computer Weekly recently surveyed 500 users to find out how likely they are to deploy open source software in their businesses, given the current economic crisis. The majority of respondents were positive about open source software, with a quarter (26%) already using it. A further 45% stated that they were likely to use it, even if only for some functions. Use of open source software appears to be more common among smaller organisations (those with less than 50 employees) and organisations with turnover under £10m. Cash is king with smaller businesses who often don’t have the deep financial pockets of a large organisation, so it’s no surprise that SME’s are the biggest advocates of open source products during the current economic difficulties. But Silver Bullet Associates believes that the take up of open source will continue on apace even after the recession is over for many reasons, and not just cost. Breaking the restrictive chains imposed by proprietary software vendors is one great reason to think open source. So it won’t be just SME’s that embrace open source; everyone will use it at some point soon and the mainstream software vendors will have to find another way of making revenue hay as their sun wanes.  

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