Microsoft Windows 7 licencing and prices

Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer has ruled out reviewing its user licences, despite acknowledging the fine print and complexity can cause headaches for customers.“I don’t anticipate a big round of simplifying licences. The last round of simplification was done six years ago” he said. Ballmer has also said that the supplier was working hard to ensure the launch of Windows 7 was more successful than Vista. “My hope is that in the first three to six months [after launch on 22 October 2009] any new PC you buy will come with Windows 7. It would be a shame to see people acquire Windows XP machines in 2010,” he said. Whether Windows 7 takes off quickly or stumbles like Vista remains to be seen. It would be nice if Microsoft were to simplify its licencing terms; but don’t hold your breath. And it would be great if Microsoft were to acknowledge their pricing policy was unreasonable too. The next few years will become increasingly tougher for Microsoft as competitive products such as Open Office and Google Apps take chunks out of their revenues. Maybe Windows 7 will be the last great revenue hurrah for Microsoft before a long slow revenue decline sets in.  

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