Oracle 40% price hike

Looking at the most recently published Oracle price list, Silver Bullet Associates has spotted that some of Oracle’s products have leapt in price by as much as 40%. Processor licences for the company’s diagnostic and tuning packs, as well as a database configuration management pack, are now US$5,000(£3,040), up from $3,500(£2,130) in 2008. The first two products are meant to help database administrators target and resolve performance problems. The latter tool is used for a range of tasks, such as tracking database configuration changes and ensuring policy compliance. Just when the credit crunch is really biting, it sometimes beggars belief to see vendors upping prices. And any increase in license prices will also have a pro-rata increase in their annual Support/Maintenance costs. However, remember that these are price negotiation starting points with nothing to stop Oracle offering extra discounts. And let’s at least give Oracle credit for providing a price list that we can pick over. Most other software vendors don’t.

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