Microsoft giveth and it taketh away

Mirosoft Windows 7, due to ship on 22 October 2009, has received good reviews as the Operating System that Vista should have been. And it would appear that the large percentage of businesses that have held onto XP rather than go to Vista are no doubt planning to migrate to Windows 7. But Microsoft may be making it harder and costlier for them to do so. Under Microsoft’s planned enterprise licensing rules, businesses that buy PCs before 23 April, 2010, with Windows 7 preinstalled can downgrade them to Windows XP, then later upgrade them to Windows 7 when they’re ready to migrate their users. But PCs bought on or after 23 April 2010 can only be downgraded to Vista which will be of no help for XP-based organizations and could cause major headaches and add more costs to the Windows 7 migration effort.

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