Beware of unlicensed apps

One of Silver Bullet Associates’ clients was recently audited by a software supplier and they found that they were under-licensed to the tune of £140,000 worth of software. Oooooops! That made for an interesting negotiation. Latest research shows that there has been a 35% increase in the number of software suppliers using license audits as a way of uncovering extra revenue. And one in four of these audits have been initiated by finger-pointing employees. In order to minimise the chances of an audit catching your business out, you need to keep your software asset register up-to-date and accurate. As well stopping un-welcome financial liabilities, your asset register can also be used to re-harvest unused licenses and so save money by reducing the requirement to buy new. According to an asset register supplier Trustmarque Solutions, only 17% of organisations are competely sure that if a software supplier were to audit them, they would have the correct number of licenses. So you have been warned.

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