Is the IBM-Sun deal off?

According to US news agencies, takeover talks have broken down between Sun Microsystems and IBM,  with the two companies failing to agree on a price and other terms of an acquisition. Sun’s negotiators have apparently terminated IBM’s exclusivity agreement, opening the company up to merger talks with other parties. Analysts have suggested Japanese server maker Fujistu could make a move, being the largest OEM of Sun’s Solaris operating system. Other potential buyers could include Hewlett-Packard, Cisco or even Dell. Whatever the eventual outcome, Sun finds itself in desperate straits, having lost nearly $1.9 billion in its last two quarters and so far this year cutting headcount by 2,800 employees as it tries to pare down overheads to balance its declining sales revenue. With this developing situation, anyone looking to buy Sun in the next few weeks and months should be careful about what kind of deal they enter into. They should also be wary of any long term contractual commitments that may need to be honoured by any organisation that ends up buying Sun.

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