How to negotiate anything

I was asked by a client this afternoon to give him some quick tips on negotiating the best deals. He has just taken on a new role which will mean he is negotiating face to face with IT suppliers for the first time. Previously, he had an IT Procurement person doing the negotiations for him, but his Company has made the Procurement person redundant as a cost saving measure. Now I’m not sure getting rid of IT Procurement people at this time is a cost saving measure; it’ll probably end up costing the Company more when they overpay for IT stuff in the future due to lack of IT Procurement skills in-house. But anyway, in answer to my client’s request for some quick tips, I said there are three main ways to get the best deals: No.1: Ask for a better deal. Don’t be shy; just ask. If that fails, then No.2: Ask again. And if that fails, then No.3: Ask again but ask louder this time. Now I know this is an awfully simple way to approach negotiations, but as a rule of thumb it’s a great way to get things started. And not just in IT but when ever you want to negotiate a better deal for anything ; new TV, car, house, pay rise, golfing weekend away, what ever. Ask, ask again, and then ask louder. Remember, you don’t get if you don’t ask.

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