Public sector IT cost savings

With the huge buying power wielded across the public sector, you would imagine that they always obtain the best technology, best deals and the highest discounts. So why is it that time after time, all we read about in the press is how wasteful IT spending is in the public sector? One issue is that the public sector seems to be very conservative when it comes to buying technology. As a result it often buys technology that is already going out of fashion in the private sector, or it seems to wait an age to adopt new technological advances (such as open source software) which can drive down costs and improve productivity. For example, it would be an interesting exercise to see how many million of pounds the public sector could save if it was simply to move from Microsoft Office to OpenOffice? Being risk averse can be a costly road to follow if you get stuck with out-dated legacy solutions with expensive pricing mechanisms and un-breakable multi-year commitments.

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