IT Cost Savings

IT cost savings have become something of a Holy Grail in recent times as businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes scramble to find ways to cut un-necessary costs. On the way to a Silver Bullet Associates client meeting the other day, I had a timely musical reminder of what IT management across the UK is facing when Simply Red’s ‘Money’s too tight to mention’ came on the radio. How many IT Directors have been told by their Finance Directors that costs must be reduced where ever possible? That kind of mandate will inevitably mean the IT Directors will take a careful look at all areas of spend, including revisiting the pros/cons of open-source products, virtualisation, outsourcing and offshoring. But before investigating such cost saving avenues, we would recommend that IT Directors look for some simpler savings opportunities such as re-negotiating existing vendor contracts and squeezing more value from your incumbent suppliers.

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