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IT Spending in 2009

February 24th, 2009

IT budgets are facing a painful overhaul in 2009 with many analysts predicting that global spending on IT products and services would drop by 3% or more this year. This would be the first annual decline since the dot com crash seven years ago. Spending priorities would seem to centre on business optimisation technologies, particularly business process improvement and business intelligence. And while reducing enterprise costs will factor in most IT plans in 2009, its also worth noting that as cash becomes scarcer, its buying power increases.  As IT suppliers scramble for a diminishing pool of money,  your negotiation power increases. At Silver Bullet Associates, we suggest that perhaps this is the year for you to review your current IT costs and tackle some of the more expensive items head-on by re-negotiating better prices or terms with your incumbent IT suppliers?

New Silver Bullet Associates website launched

February 18th, 2009

Welcome to the first blog post of our new look website.

At the end of 2008 we thought the Silver Bullet Associates website needed to be freshened up a little. So we started 2009 with a blank canvass and by adding to some of the best bits from our old website, we’ve created this new one. And as time goes on we will be adding and developing this website still further so that we can communicate more fully about what we do here at Silver Bullet and highlighting some more of our clients savings success stories.

Many thanks to the guys down at Attitude Design who have helped design and develop the site for us. 

So check back soon for more of our latest news, tips and ideas that might well help you help you negotiate lower IT costs for your organisation in 2009 and beyond.